Paladin Build

3v3 PVP (Proving Grounds/Competitive) : Paladin Build Guide

By: Wizah | Updated: February 21st, 2023

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Warrior Paladin
Paladin Build


Required Skill Points: 312
Normal Charge Level 10
Level 10
Excellent Mobility
Shinning Protection
Ambush Attack
Gems & Rune
Normal Godsent Law Level 10
Level 10
Wide Angle Attack
Gems & Rune
Normal Wrath of God Level 10
Level 10
Wide Thunderstroke
Light's Guardian
Gems & Rune
Normal Executor's Sword Level 4
Level 4
Excellent Mobility
Gems & Rune
Normal Holy Protection Level 10
Level 10
Quick Pace
Robust Protection
Vow of Light
Gems & Rune
Normal Execution of Justice Level 10
Level 10
Strength Release
Light Explosion
Gems & Rune
Normal Holy Sword Level 10
Level 10
Vital Point Hit
Condensed Energy
Gems & Rune
Normal Heavenly Blessings Level 10
Level 10
Agile Cast
Heavenly Requiem
Gems & Rune


Alithanes's Judgment

Build Details & Information

General Paladin PVP Guide:

Author: Wizah#9368 - Reached Grandmaster both seasons in NA - East, Server - UNA

Strengths of Class:
  • Tankiness
  • Damage Reduction and Shielding
  • Knockup and Stun
  • Multiple options for Combo

Weaknesses of Class:
  • Long Cooldowns
  • Team Dependency
  • Predictable


Usual Build:
  • 750 Swiftness
  • 200 Endurance
  • 29 Domination
  • 20 Specialization
  • 1 Crit

High Damage:
  • 750 Swiftness
  • 249 Dom
  • 1 Crit


Some Build Variations:

Execution of Justice - Bulwark or Forward Attack - I prefer the shield over the forward movement, but it is up to preference.

Holy Sword - Outburst of Light instead of Vital Point Hit - You can take Outburst of Light if you are learning Paladin to help learn the timing of this important ability.


Skill Replacements:

Can replace Executor's Sword in general for Dash Slash if it is your preference. Dash Slash with 2/2/1 (up to preference here)

Can also replace a yellow spell for Dash Slash for a "blue build" - this is an aggressive build that removes some defense for interruption through dash slash. It can be difficult to pull this build off at higher ratings.


General Strategy and Combos to Learn:

Identity - Always use Sacred Executioner (Z) instead of Holy Aura (X)

For Defense / Team Protection:

Learn opponents engages and timing of burst in order to best land Godsent Law to maximize damage reduction and prevention.

Use Holy Protection regularly to mitigate damage.

Use your interruption and knockup in order to disrupt the backline and punish slow or poor engages from the opponent. Punish opponents by knocking them in a period of time and wasting their roll from the ground (trinket/roll).

For Damage:

Knockup through Charge/ Executor's Sword Dash Slash* INTO Electrocute through Wrath of God INTO Holy Sword

Execution of Justice INTO Wrath of God INTO Holy Sword

Heavenly Blessings / Godsent Law (stagger) INTO Holy Sword

Quick Executor's Sword / Charge INTO Holy Sword


Paladin is seemingly a simple class to play but becomes nuanced and precise at higher level play when you can be punished heavily.

It's important to understand the fundamental combos to climb competitively on this class.

There are several video and written guides from EU, RU, and KR competitors to supplement this guide.


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