Artillerist Build

Raid/PvE Barrage Artillerist : Artillerist Build Guide

By: brother chris | Updated: March 7th, 2023

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Gunner Artillerist
Artillerist Build
Pve Raid


Required Skill Points: 376
Normal Enhanced Shell Level 10
Level 10
Armor Destruction
5 Load
5 Internal Ignition
Gems & Rune
Normal Flamethrower Level 12
Level 12
5 Load
Ranged Flame
5 Azure Flame
Gems & Rune
Normal Swing Level 7
Level 7
Weak Point Enhancement
Advancing Hit
Gems & Rune
Normal Air Raid Level 12
Level 12
5 Quickfire
5 Lightning Barrage
5 The Big One
Gems & Rune
Normal Summon Turret Level 10
Level 10
5 Sub Battery
5 Enhanced Turret
5 Laser Turret
Gems & Rune
Normal Gravity Explosion Level 12
Level 12
5 Vital Point Barrage
5 Sweeping Gravity
5 Planetary Gravity
Gems & Rune
Normal Homing Barrage Level 12
Level 12
Guiding Enhancement
5 Weak Point Detection
5 Power Bomb
Gems & Rune
Normal Energy Field Level 10
Level 10
Mind Concentration
Energy Increase
Solid Shield
Gems & Rune


Heavy Turret


Engraving Points: 75
15 Points Level 3 Barrage Enhancement
15 Points Level 3 Grudge
15 Points Level 3 Keen Blunt Weapon
15 Points Level 3 Cursed Doll
15 Points Level 3 Adrenaline

Card Sets

Azena and Inanna
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation Collect 6 Cards (Awakening 18): Holy Damage +7.00%

Build Details & Information

Hello! I am Brother Chris and I have been playing Lost Ark since its western release in February 2022. This is meant to be an introductory guide to quickly get you up to speed for a raid/pve Barrage Artillerist so you can spend less time reading and more time sitting in your wheelchair.

Class Introduction

Barrage Enhancement Artillerist is another one of the few "transformation" classes in Lost Ark, though I use the term loosely here as your transformation is simply sitting in a chair and shooting explosions and lasers for a little bit and then standing up to refill your meter. It is a very sit down and setup a base type of playstyle, with your turrets and slow movement mixed with launching bombs and missiles that take time to land. I should also note that you should prioritize a level 10 barrage damage gem ASAP as over HALF our damage comes from barrage mode making this a very efficient damage upgrade.

  • Very powerful
  • Incredible stagger
  • Tanky
  • Very slow
  • Can have issues depending on boss movement


Barrage Enhancement Artillerist rotation boils down to a simple use your meter generating skills in order to fill up your gauge to be able to enter barrage mode in order to use your barrage skills Barrage: Howitzer Barrage: Focus Fire Barrage: Energy Cannon to deal massive amounts of damage, drop out of barrage mode and rinse repeat. Because of this and depending on what skills are up/down you will need to adjust your rotation to fit - what I can say is your highest meter generating skills are going to be Summon Turret, Flamethrower, Gravity Explosion, Homing Barrage, Air Raid.

A start of fight rotation would look something like this.

  1. Summon Turret
  2. Summon Turret
  3. Enhanced Shell
  4. Flamethrower
  5. Gravity Explosion
  6. Homing Barrage
  7. Air Raid
  8. Enhanced Shell

This should allow you to enter barrage mode which your general barrage mode rotation will look something like this

  1. Barrage: Howitzer
  2. Barrage: Focus Fire
  3. Barrage: Energy Cannon
  4. Barrage: Howitzer

You want to always try and use Barrage: Howitzer first when possible as it's cooldown will allow you to drop another one before exiting barrage mode. Barrage: Focus Fire and Barrage: Energy Cannon positions can be swapped depending on boss patterns - Barrage: Energy Cannon doesn't allow you to turn hardly at all so you may want to use it before Barrage: Focus Fire in some situations.

Heavy Turret is a very good awakening which does a decent amount of damage on its own right, but more importantly can help us build meter when we aren't in barrage mode in order to do some big burst back to back barrage mode shenanigans. Make sure you use Photoelectronic Cannon while not in barrage mode in order to receive the meter generation from it.

The other important thing to note after the original rotation, you always want to try and pair Air Raid and Homing Barrage together as they share the same cooldown timings - and the same with Flamethrower and Gravity Explosion. These two pairs of skills should always be used together when possible as it makes managing your rotation and skill flow way easier.


For Barrage Enhancement Artillerist you have some options for one of your engraving slots, the one in this builder is the maximum dps variant

Priority would be something like Barrage Enhancement > Grudge > Adrenaline > Keen Blunt Weapon > Cursed Doll

Cursed Doll is the option you can play around with, All-Out Attack is a viable alternative though it only affects 4 of your skills in total and loses you out on some damage from everything else. You may also swap Cursed Doll out for Hit Master if you prefer, though you lose out on the awakening damage. Ultimately it's up to you and your preference/budget - all these setups work fine.


For stats we simply want as much spec as humanly possible so quality as always is very important and crit secondary. You can also opt to go for spec/swift instead but for this guide we are running spec/crit.

Specialization: 1600
Crit: 550

This is with relic accessories and a bracelet and all potions unlocked from horizontal content.

Relic Set

For this Barrage Enhancement build we will be going with Salvation since we can do with getting the attack speed from the set to make up for our lack of swift.

If you opt to go for spec/swift then you take Hallucination set to make up for the crit you're missing.


For tripods the main ones you need to focus on are the meter generation ones like flamethrower-load enhanced-shell-load. summon-turret-sub-battery is also a very important one as it lets your turret live longer which increases the number of hits it is able to output meaning more meter generation over time, which is a very good thing and makes it a high priority.

Aside from those, the damage tripods are obviously very important as well and should not be neglected either.


Swing and Enhanced Shell are your two swappable skills.

The main candidates are some combination of Forward Barrage Napalm Shot Pressurized Heatbomb multiple rocket launcher


Runes for our barrage skills are just galewinds, I suggest setting it up like this

Barrage: Howitzer - Galewind (Epic)
Barrage: Focus Fire - Galewind (Legendary)
Barrage: Energy Cannon - Galewind (Epic)

Card Sets

For card set as always Lostwind Cliff is a fine placeholder until we are able to get Light of Salvation at 18 awakening or higher for the big damage.


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