Machinist Build

Raid/PvE Evolutionary Legacy Machinist : Machinist Build Guide

By: brother chris | Updated: March 6th, 2023

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Gunner Machinist
Machinist Build
Pve Raid


Required Skill Points: 364
Normal Backflip Strike Level 7
Level 7
Excellent Mobility
Gems & Rune
Normal Command: Baby Drones Level 12
Level 12
Enhanced Self-destruct
5 Core Energy Supply
Roundup Attack
Gems & Rune
Normal Command: Blockade Level 10
Level 10
Enhanced Fire
5 Core Energy Charge
Complete Blockade
Gems & Rune
Normal Command: Flare Beam Level 10
Level 10
5 Core Energy Charge
Laser Cut
Gems & Rune
Normal Command: Raid Missile Level 12
Level 12
5 Core Energy Charge
Organ Missile
Weak Point Detection
Gems & Rune
Normal Energy Buster Level 12
Level 12
Skilled Defender
Flame Buster
Gems & Rune
Normal Fiery Escape Level 10
Level 10
Excellent Mobility
Long Flight
Emergency Protection
Gems & Rune
Normal Mobile Shot Level 10
Level 10
Solid Maneuver
Additional Maneuver
Gems & Rune


Air Strike


Engraving Points: 75
15 Points Level 3 Grudge
15 Points Level 3 Barricade
15 Points Level 3 Raid Captain
15 Points Level 3 Adrenaline
15 Points Level 3 Evolutionary Legacy

Card Sets

Azena and Inanna
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation
Light of Salvation Collect 6 Cards (Awakening 18): Holy Damage +7.00%

Build Details & Information

Hello! I am Brother Chris and I have been playing Lost Ark since its western release in February 2022. This is meant to be an introductory guide to quickly get you up to speed for a raid/pve Evolutionary Legacy Machinist.

Class Introduction

Evolutionary Legacy Machinist is one of the 3 transformation classes in Lost Ark. It boasts a robotic laser drone rocket theme to it and many enjoy cosplaying as a walmart branded iron man. Machinist spends more time transforming than Shadowhunter as your transformation just doesn't last as long - however you have a massive shield that replenishes every time you do transform giving you immense tanking abilities which can be handy. It being a transformation class also means you only need a CDR and DAMAGE gem for SYNC SKILLS

  • Very tanky
  • Fast movement
  • Straightforward to play
  • Cheap to build
  • Lower damage ceiling
  • Repeated transformations


Evolutionary Legacy Machinist has a pretty simple rotation and it's mostly just a priority system, the most important part of it being use your meter generation skills to fill your gauge, transform, and use Comet Strike before Laser Blade as it will increase it's damage by 20% - you should also aim to pair Comet Strike with your Echelon Beam as well for the added speed.

An example rotation would look something like this

  1. Comet Strike
  2. Echelon Beam
  3. Crimson Breaker
  4. Slugshot
  5. Comet Strike
  6. Laser Blade
  7. Surge Blow

Prioritize your skills based on the amount of damage they do, the highest being Echelon Beam followed by Crimson Breaker then Laser Blade Comet Strike Slugshot and finally Surge Blow


Evolutionary Legacy has a few different options for engravings depending on how much you want to spend, including running Evolutionary Legacy level 1 and something like Adrenaline level 2. Ultimately it's up to you what you end up going with.

Engraving priority would be something like Evolutionary Legacy > Grudge > Adrenaline > Barricade > Raid Captain

You can swap out Barricade or Raid Captain for something like Keen Blunt Weapon or Cursed Doll


For Evolutionary Legacy Machinist Specialization is of the utmost importance as it directly increase your meter generation from you abilities, you need high in the 1700s of spec to be able to transform with 2 skills. This isn't make or break but it's something to note. Secondary stat is crit for us.

Specialization: 1600
Crit: 550

this is with relic accessories and a bracelet and all potions unlocked from horizontal content.

Relic Set

Evolutionary Legacy has one real choice and that being Hallucination set - gives us crit that we're missing and good old damage.


Tripods to focus on here are solely the meter generating tripods as your transformed skills do not benefit in any way from tripods. Focus on your Core Energy Charge tripods ASAP


The runes we run on our transformation skills are as follows

Comet Strike - Rage (Legendary)
Slugshot - Bleed (Legendary)
Laser Blade - Galewind (Epic)
Echelon Beam - Galewind (Rare)
Surge Blow - Galewind (Epic)
Crimson Breaker - Galewind (Legendary)

Card Sets

Lostwind Cliff is a good stop-gap until you achieve Light of Salvation at 18 awakening or higher as it is the most damage providing card set.


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